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Do not count out the Los Angeles Rams in 2017 — no, really

July 11th, 2017 at 1:28 PM
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Normally, expectations are pretty low for an NFL team entering the season with a first-time head coach. Throw in the fact that the head coach is just 31 years old and expectations may actually be even lower.

This is the situation the Los Angeles Rams currently find themselves in. The team is entering its second season since moving back to the City of Angels last year and this time they have a new guy leading the way in head coach Sean McVay.

Unlike some of his peers who still spend their Fridays after work at the local Dave & Buster’s, McVay will be spending his 32nd year on earth as an NFL head coach. Overachieving is an understatement for what the Rams’ new coach is doing in his life right now.

But just because this is McVay’s first year with Los Angeles does not mean that another losing season for the Rams is in the team’s future for 2017. This next part may need to be read a few times by some, but the Los Angeles Rams could actually make the playoffs this year.

A postseason game is not something that the Rams franchise has experienced in a long time. The last time this team appeared in the playoffs was back in the 2006 season when Marshall Faulk was still catching passes for them out …

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